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MK1 Flywheel is the world's most performant LLM Inference Engine

MK1 Flywheel is an inference library that slots directly into your software stack, keeping your customer data secure and under your control, your valuable fine-tuned model weights private,    and enabling your business to manage GPU resources optimally.

Boost Your AI Performance

Experience faster response times and process more requests per second, turbocharging your LLM apps compared to other inference runtimes.

You Control Token Cost

Cut out the middleman. Flexibility to bring your own GPUs and cloud contracts, unlocking the best token economics for any use case.

Simple to Integrate

Drop-in replacement for vLLM, TensorRT-LLM, and HuggingFace TGI. High performance without any configuration. Option for tight integration within your own stack.

Avoid Hardware Lock-In

Seamlessly switch between NVIDIA and AMD backends, future-proofing your technology and ensuring you're not tethered to a single vendor's ecosystem.

MK1's technological solutions have completely transformed our AI operations. With their expertise, we have been able to run more powerful models and optimize our GPU costs. Their team's technical skills and business understanding have been invaluable in achieving our goals.

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